Expressing myself: What I'm working on.....painting about Irish legends

I’m currently working on a piece based on an old legend of Ireland. It is about Fionn Macool the leader of the Na Fianna warriors. The painting features Bran and Sceolang, Fionn’s two dogs and I am looking at the myth from a contemporary view and considering what Ireland needs saving from.


Art in situ

It’s always amazing to see two things happen when a painting gets hung on a wall.

Number one is that it completely transforms the whole space just by the simple action of putting a painting up. The other thing that happens is that the painting looks so completely different depending on where it is hung. and it also shouts out and appeals to people while it may not have before it was placed on the wall.

In regards to this, my advice would be to try art out. Hang pieces in different spots with different lighting and enjoy how they look and how you feel about them. It’s all subjective and down to personal taste so the main thing is how YOU feel about the art and whether YOU can live with it on your walls!

Pigsy Split Personality.jpg

If you are an Art Collector, I’d advise you never rule out a piece until you see it in-situ or in a visualization of what it will look like in a particular space. Contact me for more details if you are interested.

Happy Christmas!

Christmas is always a time that I end up looking at the past and considering my time since last Christmas. 2018 has been one hell of a year and I’m thankful for all that has happened - lots of it beyond my wildest dreams. Here’s the highlights….

  1. I returned to London to see the Basquiat exhibition in the Barbican after seeing it and LOVING it in 2017

  2. “Pigsy” by Mike Andrews is completed and entered in to Film Festivals…..the waiting game starts and we wait notice to see if it will be selected for screening

  3. We survive Storm Emma and the “big snow”!

  4. Bones goes to the cinema when the Lighhouse screens a dog friendly showing of Isle of Dogs

  5. I see the Emil Nolde exhibition in the National Gallery

  6. 3 of my pieces are in Incognito

  7. I visit Tenerife for a beautiful wedding and I get to visit the volcano which brings me right back to my childhood when I drove up to it with my parents about 35 years ago!

  8. The 8th is repealed. I am so proud that my wife was one of those who went out and knocked on doors and asked for people to get out and vote Yes for women’s rights……and the people of Ireland responded positively.

  9. I hang out with Kemp as he does stencil work in Hope Brewery - a lot of fun!

  10. Future Islands in Donnybrook Stadium - with a great dinner in Dillingers beforehand

  11. “Pigsy” short film is selected for the Galway Film Festival - it was fairly surreal to see it on the big screen

  12. Wedding in Dingle - everything was awesome about this (fireworks!) and we stayed in the gorgeous Pax Guesthouse

  13. I visit the gaelteacht - the beautiful Carraroe in Galway which is very inspirational

  14. I design a tattoo for a friend

  15. Elvis 68 comeback special is shown in the Stella on my Wedding Anniversary (well we did get married on the day Elvis died)

  16. Bristol! I see my first Banksy in the wild

  17. I attend another great wedding in Ireland just outside of Dublin - great to celebrate with the happy couple.

  18. “Pigsy” screens in the Bristol Film Festival

  19. I get to the Biennale in Venice - dreams do come true!

  20. I show my art in London and get an brilliant response. This was BIG! Click here to read about it all and watch out for news in 2019 about what is next happening.

  21. I sell out of “I Find You Fascinating” limited edition prints - lucky you if you are one of the collectors who got their hands on one of the 10

  22. “Pigsy” goes on to screen in the Cork Film Festival - I’m getting used to walking the red carpet. Lol!

  23. David Byrne plays in Dublin. Unbelievably good. The talent of this man is mind blowing.

  24. We go sailing in the Caribbean - click here to read Enid’s blog about the trip.

  25. Moonhole. Moonhole! I never thought I was going to get to visit Moonhole but somehow I did……the story of how it all happened is for another day.

  26. We go back to London for the screening of “Pigsy” in the Irish Film Festival London

  27. “Make a Fool” is auctioned in aid of the Julian Benson CF Foundation

  28. “The Extra-Ordinary Crucified for You” is selected for the Design Yard Gallery in Dublin, Ireland

And this is only a small part of what went on in my life. Professionally there has been so much more with lots of architectural successes - but if I start there I will be going on forever!

I’m ending 2018 in a great place and I hope 2019 is even better! I’ve certainly got a lot of reasons to be cheerful.

All the best to my supporters (especially my biggest cheer girl, my wife Enid) - have a great Christmas and an incredible New Year!

IndieCork Film Festival

After a very busy time in London at The Other Art Fair (with an awesome response to my work) it was on to Cork this weekend for the IndieCork Film Festival.

Mike Andrews short film Pigsy, featuring you know who, was screened twice. First on Saturday as part of the Irish Shorts programmes and then again on Sunday as part of Urban October.

Once again it was great to see the film on the big screen and well done to Mike - that’s 3 film festivals that it has been chosen to be screened at.


The Other Art Fair London

I’ll be presenting my work at the upcoming “The Other Art Fair” in London opening on Thursday the 4th of October.

I’ve virtually hung my work and the next thing I will be doing is hanging it in reality for the opening.

Call and see me - I’m on Stand no. 99.

The Other Art Fair London runs from 4-7th of October and you can use the code McCoyComp to access complimentary tickets here.

Pigsy show.PNG

The Other Art Fair

Victoria House

Southampton Row

London WC1A 2QP

36 hours in Bristol

Bristol we will be back!

36 hours was not enough. After leaving our house at 4am for our flight to Bristol we hit the ground running when we landed in Bristol going straight in to the city, stopping off for breakfast (in Pinkman’s Bakery) and then on to a museum before rocking up at 11am for a Street Art Walking Tour that I had booked on line. However, the most exciting thing was that we happened upon our very first Banksy in the wild literally as we walked along the road as we looked for somewhere to have breakfast. Just brilliant!

After the walking tour (it was excellent) we got to our hotel by 2pm and checked in. I had booked a superior suite so we had access to the executive suite where we had time for a relaxing drink before we got a taxi to the stunning Everyman Theatre for the Bristol Independent Film Festival where the Pigsy documentary was being screened. We saw some excellent films and when the festival finished we made our way to the very cool Quay St. Diner for dinner.

Then on Sunday we had a leisurely breakfast before making our way to the nearest bus stop to get out on an open top bus for a tour all over the city and even out to Brunel’s suspension bridge which we were very interested in seeing. After the bus tour we took a walk down the docks and visited the M Shed Museum which was very interesting and we got to see another Banksy - the one that he painted on the side of the Thekla boat. At this point we had enough walking so we went over to the little arthouse Watershed Cinema where we took in the Polish movie “Cold War”. After the film it was off to Spitfire for wings before we got on the bus back to the airport for our flight home to Ireland.

Phew we did so much!

All in all, we thought Bristol was a cool chilled out hip city and we look forward to returning again.

Here’s a few pics from the weekend.

Getting set for my next showing

I've lots of work to get done in order to get ready for my next showing as part of The Other Art Fair London. Flights & accommodation are booked and now I have to organise shipping of my art.

Before I could make shipping arrangements the final selection of art needed to be made. There is only one man who can make that final selection and that is curator Kemp

Kemp called yesterday and spent the afternoon looking at the pieces that I had selected for the show. He is honest, critical and doesn't hold back - which is exactly what I need.

Kemp curating with the assistance of Bones

Kemp curating with the assistance of Bones

So now that the final selection is made, I got down to laying out the fair space and deciding what piece goes where.

So with final selection made, along with the decision how it will be hung, the next thing is for the info sheet to be completed which outlines each piece and gives the background on each one - again this is for the main man - curator Kemp!  Watch this space......

For info about The Other Art Fair and for details on complimentary tickets, click here. Use the code McCoyComp for complimentary tickets.

I look forward to seeing you at the fair - look out for me on stand no. 99!

Other Art Fair Logo.jpg

Preparations for The Other Art Fair London

I'm proud to announce that I will be taking part in The Other Art Fair in London on the 4-7 of Oct.

Copy of 150dpi.jpg

Currently I am working on selecting pieces to bring to the exhibition.

"The Extra-Ordinary Crucified for You" is the centre piece of my show and is the starting point for selecting the rest of the works.


If you would like to attend The Other Art Fair in London, click here and use the promotional code "MCCoyComp" for complimentary tickets.