My next piece

The starting point for my process generally comes from something like an image, a line of a poem, a concept that intrigues me or maybe a conversation I've had that has sparked something in my mind.

My next piece wil take inspiration from the below image which is a photograph of myself and my two childhood friends taken over 35 years ago.

We were a gang of 3 and we called ourselves "MBC" which was made up the first letter of each of our names.

That's me to the right with the green hat and the chubby cheeks.

The picture of the three of us somehow reminds me of this Warhol print of Elvis Presley.  I think it might be because of our stance (which was a break dancing pose!). What do you think - can you see it too?


Edit 8/3.17:

Here's the finished piece. It's titled "No space for nostalgia"