The Kemp Gallery @ Gallery X

The KEMP Gallery has announced it's return and relocation to 65 South William Street, Dublin 2, in a space that will be shared with their new host - GalleryX. 

GalleryX, like The Kemp Gallery, is a new player in Dublin's gallery scene, specialising in figurative and surrealist art, "so the potential synergy attained by working out of the same premises was impossible to refuse" explained curator Kemp.

The KEMP Gallery @ GalleryX intends to continue showcasing urban/street art to the Irish public and looks forward to the continued love and support of their sponsors, art fans, family and friends.

MAY Exhibition - The KEMP Gallery @ GalleryX will be kicking off the new arrangement on May 11th with a new exhibition by the much heralded Shane Sutton ( 

2017 Schedule - A further 3 exhibitions are planned for the calendar year, including brand new work from curator KEMP in late September. 

This is very much a WATCH THIS SPACE situation and I for one am very excited to what comes of this new collaboration.

Good Luck to The Kemp Gallery @ Gallery X!

I Find You Fascinating

Curated by Steve Kemp, "I Find You Fascinating" opened on Thursday, October 6th 2016 at The Kemp Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

Featuring 10 of my paintings, including "Attention All" and "Fascinating", the response was extremely positive.

The opening of your first exhibition is one off moment that will never be repeated and as experiences go it was fairly awesome!

Artist Pigsy (Ciaran McCoy) and Curator SteveKemp 

"I Find You Fascinating" was sponsored by O'Brother Brewing