Happy Christmas!

Christmas is always a time that I end up looking at the past and considering my time since last Christmas. 2018 has been one hell of a year and I’m thankful for all that has happened - lots of it beyond my wildest dreams. Here’s the highlights….

  1. I returned to London to see the Basquiat exhibition in the Barbican after seeing it and LOVING it in 2017

  2. “Pigsy” by Mike Andrews is completed and entered in to Film Festivals…..the waiting game starts and we wait notice to see if it will be selected for screening

  3. We survive Storm Emma and the “big snow”!

  4. Bones goes to the cinema when the Lighhouse screens a dog friendly showing of Isle of Dogs

  5. I see the Emil Nolde exhibition in the National Gallery

  6. 3 of my pieces are in Incognito

  7. I visit Tenerife for a beautiful wedding and I get to visit the volcano which brings me right back to my childhood when I drove up to it with my parents about 35 years ago!

  8. The 8th is repealed. I am so proud that my wife was one of those who went out and knocked on doors and asked for people to get out and vote Yes for women’s rights……and the people of Ireland responded positively.

  9. I hang out with Kemp as he does stencil work in Hope Brewery - a lot of fun!

  10. Future Islands in Donnybrook Stadium - with a great dinner in Dillingers beforehand

  11. “Pigsy” short film is selected for the Galway Film Festival - it was fairly surreal to see it on the big screen

  12. Wedding in Dingle - everything was awesome about this (fireworks!) and we stayed in the gorgeous Pax Guesthouse

  13. I visit the gaelteacht - the beautiful Carraroe in Galway which is very inspirational

  14. I design a tattoo for a friend

  15. Elvis 68 comeback special is shown in the Stella on my Wedding Anniversary (well we did get married on the day Elvis died)

  16. Bristol! I see my first Banksy in the wild

  17. I attend another great wedding in Ireland just outside of Dublin - great to celebrate with the happy couple.

  18. “Pigsy” screens in the Bristol Film Festival

  19. I get to the Biennale in Venice - dreams do come true!

  20. I show my art in London and get an brilliant response. This was BIG! Click here to read about it all and watch out for news in 2019 about what is next happening.

  21. I sell out of “I Find You Fascinating” limited edition prints - lucky you if you are one of the collectors who got their hands on one of the 10

  22. “Pigsy” goes on to screen in the Cork Film Festival - I’m getting used to walking the red carpet. Lol!

  23. David Byrne plays in Dublin. Unbelievably good. The talent of this man is mind blowing.

  24. We go sailing in the Caribbean - click here to read Enid’s blog about the trip.

  25. Moonhole. Moonhole! I never thought I was going to get to visit Moonhole but somehow I did……the story of how it all happened is for another day.

  26. We go back to London for the screening of “Pigsy” in the Irish Film Festival London

  27. “Make a Fool” is auctioned in aid of the Julian Benson CF Foundation

  28. “The Extra-Ordinary Crucified for You” is selected for the Design Yard Gallery in Dublin, Ireland

And this is only a small part of what went on in my life. Professionally there has been so much more with lots of architectural successes - but if I start there I will be going on forever!

I’m ending 2018 in a great place and I hope 2019 is even better! I’ve certainly got a lot of reasons to be cheerful.

All the best to my supporters (especially my biggest cheer girl, my wife Enid) - have a great Christmas and an incredible New Year!

My forthcoming solo exhibition in Dublin!

"Nostalgia's Not What It Was"

 Following on from his well received debut show, artist Pigsy now presents a new body of work "Nostalgia's Not What It Was", opening on Thursday 5th October at 6pm in Fumbally Exchange, Dame Lane, Dublin 2.

Ciarán McCoy is Pigsy. As Ciarán McCoy, he works as a partner in the renowned architectural practice ODKM Architect in Dublin City centre. As Pigsy, he releases himself from the disciplined nature of architecture to create free flowing expressionist art. 

Pigsy started to create from a young age by using chalks on both the playground and the blackboards at school  to pass the time between classes. He has added a multitude of painting media to his palette since then but still incorporates chalk use in most of his pieces as a nod to these formative methods.  

This body of work is all about moving forward as a person and deals with he evolution of childhood friendships, old haunts and activities from childhood and the difficulties experienced throughout schooling because of his dyslexia. 

Nostalgia's Not What It Was", is an idea that I’ve been working on for a while" says Pigsy "I believe it's best to live in the moment and not give over too much space in our mind to useless non-positive thoughts that prevent us from seeing our true potential and this has been the inspiration behind the exhibition"

The exhibition is curated by KEMP, the man behind the urban and street art themed the KEMP Gallery and an artist in his own right. 

"I'm both excited and honoured to be working with Pigsy again" says KEMP. "I love the honesty in his painting. It's very accessible even though there's a depth and complexity to it, which is very rare. I'm looking forward to sharing these new pieces with the public" 

Drinks will be provided at this exhibition by Hope Beer, an independent craft brewery based in Howth Co. Dublin. 

The exhibition runs from the 5th to the 8th October 2017