"Pigsy" short film screening

Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club - Tuesday 3rd of October 2019

An Art Exhibtion and Documentary Screening with Pigsy


Recently I got the opportunity to present a showcase of my artwork along with a screening of Mike Andrew’s “Pigsy” short film. After the film, Kevin Moore of Legacy Communications interviewed me live where we discussed my art and my process. I really enjoyed the whole event and there was a great response to my art work and the short film. All in all it was a fun night - helped in part by the Pigsy signature cocktail - the “Pigtail” - designed for the evening by Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club!


Curator, Steve Kemp, sets the scene:

Ciarán McCoy is a member of the Fitzwilliam Lawn Tennis Club

Pigsy paints abstract neo-expressionistic art pieces

Ciarán McCoy was born on the Northside of Dublin

Pigsy emerged at the blackboard of his primary school during break time

Ciarán McCoy was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child

Pigsy deals with his dyslexia by throwing off the shackles that have bound him in life and developing a free form style of painting where traditional structure and spelling mistakes are ignored

Ciarán McCoy plays squash

Pigsy uses whatever materials come to hand to produce his artworks but mainly spray paint, oil-paints-sticks, acrylics and chalk

Ciarán McCoy is an award winning architect

Pigsy has exhibited in Dublin, London and Florida

Ciarán McCoy established his architectural practise in 2005

Pigsy hosted a sold out show of his works in Fumbally Exchange, Dublin in 2017

Ciarán McCoy is an avid Irish speaker

On October 3rd two worlds crossed over as PIGSY exhibited his work where Ciarán McCoy usually comes to play

Ciarán McCoy is PIGSY is Ciarán McCoy