Thank You Kemp Gallery - Onward and upward!

I will always be grateful to Steve Kemp of The Kemp Gallery for giving me the opportunity of having my very own exhibition back in October 2016.

I look forward to seeing The Kemp Gallery in a new location very soon and seeing the unique offerings it brings to the world of art. 

A nice memento from my first exhibition is the painting on a board that was used as a sign to my exhibition at the entrance to the gallery.

I Find You Fascinating

Curated by Steve Kemp, "I Find You Fascinating" opened on Thursday, October 6th 2016 at The Kemp Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

Featuring 10 of my paintings, including "Attention All" and "Fascinating", the response was extremely positive.

The opening of your first exhibition is one off moment that will never be repeated and as experiences go it was fairly awesome!

Artist Pigsy (Ciaran McCoy) and Curator SteveKemp 

"I Find You Fascinating" was sponsored by O'Brother Brewing