Frank Lloyd Wright - 140 Maiden Lane, San Francisco

Frank Lloyd Wright is one my favourite architects of all time and I use any opportunity on my travels to the USA to visit any of his buildings that I can.

Ten years ago, on our last trip to San Francisco, we visited this Frank Lloyd Wright building on Maiden Lane. It was built in 1948 and when you enter the building, you are instantly reminded of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, of which it was the prototype for.  Originally it was a Gift Shop but when we visited it back in 2005 it was Xanadu Art Gallery.  However, on our most recent visit we found it shut up and we were unable to enter. I see from the Wikipedia page that it has been sold to a high end designer boutique (which was exactly the use that Enid had commented that it would be perfect for while we stood outside and viewed the building).  I'm glad to hear it has been sold and hopefully we will get to view it again in the future!

What an incredible building.  It is beyond timeless - I think it is actually getting better with age and looks more modern than a lot of buildings built this decade.