Art in situ

It’s always amazing to see two things happen when a painting gets hung on a wall.

Number one is that it completely transforms the whole space just by the simple action of putting a painting up. The other thing that happens is that the painting looks so completely different depending on where it is hung. and it also shouts out and appeals to people while it may not have before it was placed on the wall.

Take the below pictured piece. This piece was of no interest what so ever to my wife, after I created it. However, once it was hung and I showed her this pic she was incredulous. She couldn’t believe how much she liked the piece once it was hung. In fact it was a full 360 degree turn from not liking something to LOVING it. Art is funny like that!

In regards to this, my advice would be to try art out. Hang pieces in different spots with different lighting and enjoy how they look and how you feel about them.

Pigsy Split Personality.jpg

If you are an Art Collector, I’d advise you never discount a piece until you see it in-situ or in a visualization of what it will look like in a particular space. Contact me for more details if you are interested.