Miro in Mallorca

Recently I visited Calle Mayor in Mallorca. I stayed in stand alone unit that I rented through AirBnB. A few doors down from our rental is the Fundacion Pilar i Joan Miro which encompasses Miro's two studios and an art museum.

The whole site was so amazing that we visited 3 times during our week's holiday.

Here's a pic to whet your appetite! If you would like to see more pics, click here to read Enid's blog.

Where I buy my supplies....

In the past I have stretched my own canvas on to wooden frames. However, although cheaper than a ready stretched canvas, it is not one bit convenient. So currently I buy ready stretched canvas.

For canvas, I go to Evans on Capel Street. 

My last expedition to Evans was on Saturday and I hired a GoCar van as the canvas I proposed buying would not fit in my Smart Car!!

Along with canvas, I buy oil sticks and brushes in Evans.

For other art supplies I visit Tiger and also sometimes hardware stores for domestic paint. 

And finally I get my spray paint in All City Records where I have a browse at the vinyl when I visit which always makes for a fun trip that Enid likes to do with me.


Here's me on my most recent canvas buying expedition in the GoCar van.

Car Sharing - the perfect way to move art!

I signed up for GoCar the other day.

It's a car sharing website that gives you access to cars and vans at an hourly rate. There are many car bases local to me but it is the GoVans that I am most interested in. I regularly need access to a van for a short while to either buy canvas in Evans or to deliver paintings to new owners. GoCar seems like a perfect fit for my needs.

Currently it's only €10 to sign up for membership so it's a good time to sign up and give it a try out.

I'm on Periscope!

I've been having a bit of fun on periscope. I have been filming (or should I say, my wife has been filming!) myself painting and listening to music and basically having fun engrossed in my work.

It seems that you can't share periscope to anything other than twitter. In order to check out my periscopes you will need to click here.

Go on it click it - you'll enjoy it!


Rough Style by Sibylle Kramer

"Rough Style" by Sibylle Kramer is a weighty tome featuring over 100 projects from all over the world. One of the featured projects is "LPA" by my architectural practise ODKM Architects. LPA was a labour of love as it is a house that has been in my family for 3 generations and I am glad to have brought it back from the brink of dereliction.


Pigsy on Social Media

I use two social media platforms. Twitter and Instagram. I've never been a fan of Facebook.  Even though Facebook could possibly be a good way to promote my art work and website I have made a decision to not join it

Twitter and Instagram appeal to me for two very different reasons. I like the visuals of Instagram and I like the short and sweet nature of twitter and the fact that you have to limit your tweet to 140 characters. I also think that Twitter has been very much improved since you can add images to it.

I'd love if you followed me on Twitter or Instagram - do tweet me if you become a follower!


Blast from the Past "Dad's Dublin"

Here's a painting of mine that I did a few years ago. It's called "Dad's Dublin" and the story behind it is that my Dad gave me the canvas. He had used it to start a painting of Dublin. I painted over his Dublin with my Dublin (you can see Liberty Hall to the right) and then gave it back to him as a gift..

He hung it for a few months in a bedroom upstairs and then moved it for storage in to his attic. Make of that what you will!!