Happy Bloomsday!

“Mo Laoch” (My Hero)

Mo laoch.JPG

It is a rarity that a character in a Pigsy piece is not a version of the artist himself but in this piece the figure is that of famous Irish writer James Joyce. The inspiration for this painting came after watching a documentary on Joyce and the realised connection between him and the artist's uncle, also James, whom he never met but who's house he now owns. Was Joyce talking about people like James in his celebrated novel Dubliners? Could James the Uncle have been a role model and mentor for Pigsy for he was also a poet and artist. The title "Mo Laoch" is Gaelic for "My Hero", a reference to the actual feeling for Joyce and the potentially stronger feeling for his uncle that, alas, never existed. Note that Joyce holds the red spelling book, Pigsy's nemesis, an item depicted in many of his works to signify his struggle with dyslexia.

By Kemp

Happy Pride month!

Happy Pride month! 
I am delighted to present "Duval Flag".

“Duval Flag”  (410mm W x 920mm H) (16” Wide x  36”) Mixed Media On Canvas

Key West Business Guild are selling raffle tickets for a chance to win my painting "Duval Flag" which I painted on a recent trip to KW. It includes the famous sea to sea rainbow flag flying high and is painted in my usual expressionist style. it is an uplifting joyful piece that highlights the Key West motto of One Human Family. It will be on view during the week in the Key West Business Guild.

Tickets are available, plus the painting is on display:
*In the Key West Business Guild, 808 Duval Street right now!
*At the Business Guild luncheon on Wednesday at the Marriott Beachside
*At the street fair on Saturday

Duval Flag.JPG

While PIGSY was vacationing in Key West the overall vibe of the islands ethos of “One Human Family” compelled him to compulsively start painting. The result is an inspired flow of expressionism which helped him to subconsciously recall the sea to sea rainbow flag which was 1.25 miles long and ran along Duval Street from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean created by the designer Gilbert Baker (happy image on the bike exploring his creation) who passed away in 2017. The island created a sense of creative happiness which manifested itself in the positive message that,  all people are created equal.

The painting reflects the joyous pride that one can feel when prejudice and judgement of other people’s decisions are discarded and a free positive happy all for one, one for all approach to everyday life is embraced in a fair inclusive way, as it is with Key West which has embraced the motto “One Human Family”. The butterflies , flowers and smile on Gilbert’s Face show happiness and freedom along with pride and gives us a sense that the world is a brighter place with rainbows in it, along with an acceptance of diversity.

By Kemp

Studio upgrade

A little while ago, I set about designing a handrail for the cantilevered glass stairs up to my studio. After that I sourced a master craftsman to construct the metal handrail. The man for the job was Brendan O’Donnell of Brendan Donnell Design at The Maker Shed along with Billy Moore Metalworks.

glass cantilevered stairs.JPG

Here’s the before…


And the after!

The fabricators did a top notch job - the metal handrail fits like a glove.

The new handrail certainly changes the look of the stair case - no more floating glass anymore - but it is safe and it makes my studio in to a far more usable space. It’s a big improvement overall!

Click on to my instagram to see more pics of the handrail.

Pigsy in the Designyard, Dublin City

Among all of the incredible jewels and art pieces on sale in the Designyard in Dublin you’ll find a Pigsy on show. It’s “The Extra-Ordinary Crucified for You” and it is a massive piece - the photos of it online don’t do it justice.

Make time to visit the Designyard on South Frederick Street and be sure and tell them that Pigsy sent you!

For further info. click here